• Seduce in English light background
    Flirt, dating and sex!
    This course is based on the Imitum® method
    • It teaches you the right pronunciation
    • It makes the dictionary useless
    • It forces you to think in English
    Icon Seducing in English
  • Seduce in English light background
    An extensive vocabulary
    This they didn't teach you in school!
    The course is intended for anyone
    who don't want to be bored with mindless topics.
    male and female symbols
    male and female sex symblols in heart
cool lessons
unique words

Flirt, dating and sex!

Seducing in English language

The course Seducing in English is full of the unique, rich vocabulary you need for real life romance with real people. It’s time to put your textbook away and learn to really communicate.

Are you going abroad and want to enjoy this trip more than ever? What if you meet somebody attractive when you travel overseas on business? Or what if, right in your hometown, a good-looking foreigner shows up and asks you for directions? Seducing in English prepares you for all of these situations and more. You will learn everything you need to know to take things to the next level. You will have the magic words for making a little magic happen. You will be a master of the fine art of flirting in English.

After Pub English course, we are taking you on a new adventure. We are just launching this all-new course of spicy, intimate vocabulary. Seducing in English will teach you how to flirt, date, and create intimacy in conversational English. You will learn a lot of necessary vocabulary, such as how to ask someone out, compliment the female or male body, or talk about popular sexual positions. And you will accomplish this using the proven Imitum® method.


The content of this application is unsuitable for children and youth up to 15 years! Please, consider using this application.